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Projeto GOMPA is an awarded Brazilian collective of artists created in 2014 by the director Camila Bauer in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The group develops dramaturgical and scenic language experimentation and researches possible crossings between theatre, dance and music, emphasizing s the fusion of different forms of art as narrative outsets.The projects are created in collaboration with artists of all sorts of strains, resulting in an hybrid language that expands the limits of what is understood about performing arts for adults and performing arts for the youth.

In 2019, the group performed at the Ibsen Festival in Norway the play Enemies in a Doll’s House, awarded in 2017 with the Ibsen Scholarship and premiered in Brazil in 2018..

In 2017 the collective developed the play The Little Red Riding Hood, based on the text by Joël Pommerat, performing it in major national festivals. The play received many national awards, including best performance. The play was selected to perform at FITA Chile (2019) and MIRAI Festival in Japan (2020).

The Adventures of the Little Prince was the first play for children made by the group, in 2014, and since then its was presented more than 250 times in the south of Brazil, with a version for the planetarium, mixing real presence with technology and proposing a particular kind of experience for the youth.

Our latest project is The Frankenstein Project, a dance/theater performance developed in two different versions, one for adults (Frankenstein - 2019) another for children (Little Frankenstein - 2020).


We are now working on The Girl’s Grandmother, proposing the encounter between the little red riding hood and her grandma. The plays Amazônia and The Last Black Woman will also be premiered in between 2020 and 2021.

All our performances are still being shown all around the country. Currently, the collective is in an internationalization phase, seeking to take its work to different territories, interacting both with children and adults, bringing light to the art created in South America and, specially, in south Brazil.

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