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Projeto GOMPA is an awarded Brazilian collective of artists created in 2014 that develops dramaturgical and scenic language experimentation and researches possible crossings between theatre, dance, music, visual and audiovisual arts, with an emphasis on the fusion of different arts as a narrative principle. The group also pays special attention to experimenting with languages ​​that expand the limits of what we understand as theater for adults and theater for children and young people, as well as creating works based on oral stories and self-narratives. Most of the works created by the collective have authorial dramaturgy, composed collaboratively in the rehearsal process.


In 2023, the collective premiered INSTINCT, a performance that received the Norwegian Ibsen Scope award. The play is inspired by the character Brand, by Henrik Ibsen. The project was presented at the Ibsen Festival, in Skien, Norway, and debuted on the SESC Giratório Stage, in Porto Alegre, in 2023. In 2019, the group presented the play Enemies in the Dolls' House at the Ibsen Awards Festival, in Norway, a work that was awarded the prize Ibsen Scholarships in 2017, having premiered in Brazil in 2018. Over these years, the play participated in several events, festivals and seasons in Brazil.


Still in 2023, the group created the show Ladies of the Night, based on real reports from sex workers. For more than a year, the artistic team listened to these professionals, bringing to the stage a combination of theater, live piano and the real presence of these professionals on stage.

In 2022, the group has created the performance AMAZONIA, mixing dance, theatre, music and visual art to tell the story of animals that are losing their original habitat because of the human actions. In its conception, the play gives up the use of words, reaching the spectators through a combination of sensations. In the same year, the group premiered Little Frankenstein, performed in many cities in Brazil, focusing in the young audience. The show is touring throughout the country, having already participated at Kinfestival in Russia.

In the same year, GOMPA has created the performance DEFEAT, in collaboration with Incomodete Company, from the south of Brazil. The performance has already toured in Brazil, Spain and Portugal during 2022.


In 2021, the collective immersed itself in creations of performances in virtual language, performing The Last Black Woman - work that received an honorable mention at the Festival Cine Negro em Ação, also presented in regular season, festivals and public schools of the state - and The Mother of the Girls’ Mother, a play that held several sessions in homes for the elderly and community centers in Porto Alegre, in addition to a regular season and audiovisual exhibitions. It also premiered The Girl’s Grandmother, winner of the Açorianos award for Best Performance, created with funding from Instituto Ling, also in online format, and performed, in partnership with Cia Incomodete, the play Defeat.


In 2020, the play Olga premiered. The show brings fragments of the life of the revolutionary Olga Benário, exterminated in a Nazi concentration camp. The performance toured the south of Brazil. In the same year, Frankenstein also premiered, a mix of theater, dance, narration, music and visual arts, which was resumed in 2023 with a new post-pandemic configuration, at the Centro Cultural Santa Casa.


In 2017, the collective created the show Little Red Riding Hood based on a text by Joël Pommerat, presented in the most important national festivals and receiving 54 nominations and 24 awards across the country. The piece was selected to participate in FITA Chile (2019) and the MIRAI Festival in Japan (2021), as well as festivals and events in Bolivia, England and the United States.


The Adventures of the Little Prince  was the group's first play made for children, in 2014, and since then it has performed more than 450 times in the country, including the version adapted for planetariums, mixing real presence with technology, offering a unique experience for young people, with funding from FUNARTE. The show received several Tibicuera awards, including Best Production, in 2014. In 2021, the play won a pocket version in a virtual format.


All of the company's performances are active and traveling around Brazil. Currently, the collective is in a phase of internationalization, seeking to take its work to different territories, interacting both with children and adults, bringing light to the art created in South America and, specially, in south Brazil.

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Porto Alegre, RS , Brazil

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