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What would you do if you woke up as the only survivor of a massacre? What would you do if your memories were erased? In the first world Brazil, the discovery of a black woman frozen for 100 years sparkles discussion about the country’s structural racism. An archaeological artifact? A victim of the system? Or just a woman trying to regain her stolen history? Who is the Last Black Woman?

The virtual spectacle entitled The Last Black Woman comes from the gaucha actress Hayline Vitória’s questions facing the dramaturgic provocations of Pedro Bertoldi about the idea of how it would be to be the last black person in Brazil. In the gaucho dramaturgic text, 100 years after the fire in the Brazilian National Museum, an archaeologist finds the body of a frozen black woman. Inexplicably, Dandara survived to more than one century below zero degrees celsius. Her survival in a Brazil that had no trace of a black person for many years, reignites discussions about the country’s structural racism.


Prize for Staging FAC MOVIMENTO - 2020


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Original history and dramaturgy: Pedro Bertoldi 

Direction: Silvana Rodrigues and Camila Bauer 

Cast: Hayline Vitória, Álvaro RosaCosta, Fabrício Zavareze, Fabiane Severo, Guilherme Ferrêra and Henrique Gonçalves 

Image direction and editing: Júlio Estevan

Original soundtrack and sound design: Álvaro RosaCosta

Costume consulting: Fabiane Severo e Guilherme Ferrêra

Graphic designer: Mitti Mendonça 

Photography and teasers creation: Júlio Estevan

Consultation and production of media contents: Tainã Rosa

Press: Thais Silveira

Video production: Júlio Estevan

Musical production: Álvaro RosaCosta

Administrative/cultural production: Hayline Vitória 

Executive production: Silvia Duarte

Realization: Projeto GOMPA

Funding: Pró Cultura RS - Lei de incentivo e Fundo, Secretaria da Cultura - Governo do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul

Support: EntreAtos




The Dramaturgy workshop for black women was taught by the actress Hayline Vitória and the dramaturg Pedro Bertoldi in a virtual platform in february of 2021. What happens when a group of 51 black women from seven different states of Brazil get together to think about black dramaturgy?


The e-book As Donas da Cena (The Owners of the Scene) presents fifteen of those black dramaturges who got together during the workshop and in that space created their narratives and registered their histories. 


Title of E-book: As Donas da Cena (The Owners of the Scene)

Authors: Ângela Xavier, Barbara Santos, Caroline Falero, Claudia Simone, Daiana da Silva, Dandara Santos, Deliane Souza, Jaiara Dias, Jéssica Ayo, Luanna Silva, Luisa Oliveira,  Mayra Alves, Pâmela Eneida, Savana Ferreira and Sheiquellann.


Available for download in portuguese here.


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