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Camila Bauer is a theatrical director and a professor at the Drama Department at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). She is a PhD in “Sciences of the Spectacle” by the University of Sevilla and in “Information and Communication: mention Scenic Arts” by the Free University of Brussels (2010). In 2008 she took her European Masters Degree in “Live Performing Arts”, with stays in Spain, France and Belgium. She is graduated in Theatrical Direction by UFRGS (2004) and had developed multiple projects in scenic direction, among them Frankenstein (2019), The Enemies in a Doll’s House (2018), The Little Red Riding Hood (2017), the operas Don Pasquale (2016) and Tempos de Solidão - Waisenhaus (2016), Verde (in)tenso (2015), the opera Die schöne und getreue Ariadne (2015), GPS Gaza (2014), The Adventures of the Little Prince (2014), the opera LÓrfeo (2013), Je Tremble (2012), the opera Dido and Aeneas (2012), Sappho in Fragments (2010, Athens), MedeaMaterial (2009, Sevilla), In the land of the sleeping rains (2008, Seville), among others. She conduced playwright workshops in Mexico, Spain and different cities in Brazil.



He Holds a bachelor's degree in visual arts. He’s an actor, director and composer. He went to the Drama School at UFRGS from 1994 to 1998. Since 2008 he has been part of Cia. Incomode-te. He was a soloist in two OSPA projects, the musical "Chimango" and "Concertos Legal" in addition to performing in some of the main musicals produced at his state, such as "Godspell"  and "Dona Flor and her two husbands". In addition to several nominations for awards, holds 6 Açorianos Theater and Music Awards (original soundtracks and supporting actor, arranger and album of the year),  4 Tibicuera Awards for best original soundtrack and 1 Quero-quero (Sated) award also in the original soundtrack category. At the cinema he worked an important films and series produced by Casa de Cinema, Margem Filmes, Verte Filmes, Organismo Filmes and other production companies.



Fabiane Severo is a dancer of contemporary dance and postgraduate in Dance by PUC / RS 2004. Developing works of dance performances in urban spaces such as: Time hiding, Betrayal, and Vows. Choreographic works that participated: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Sea-intimate (summer) - project All Seasons in Motion; Creations: performance "Bed" and "Bride". He was with “Il faut trouver chaussure à son pied” at national and international events. In 2012 she premiered the solo work Do not touch me I'm full of tears - Sensations of Clarice Lispector. In 2013 he was present at the festivals in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium, Cuba and Spain. He won the Funarte Dance Award Klauss Vianna 2014 with the work GREEN (IN) TENSO. In 2017 acting as a performer in the play "Little Red Riding Hood" dramaturgy by Joel Pommerat. In 2018 performer Frankenstein.



Pedro Bertoldi is a student of Theater Interpretation at UFRGS. CNPq research fellow in dramaturgy. As a playwright he signed the following performances: Times of Solitude - Mass of the Orphanage (2016), Desterro: About remains that don't matter anymore (2017), Enemies in the Dollhouse, Ibsen Scholarships 2017 (2018), Robot Factory (2018) )), Daughters of Salt, Best Original Text at the 5th Gravataí Theater Festival (2019), O Diário Inexistente, Best Children's Original Text at the 14th Festcarbo and 5th Gravataí Theater Festival, Frankenstein (2019), Olga (2020), both investigating a collaborative process dramaturgy. Nominated for the 2018 Açorianos Theater Award, in the Drama category, for Enemies at the Dollhouse.



Guilherme Ferrêra is an actor, director, producer, dancer and choreographer. DRT Nº 9398. Cultural Producer at CEPC 7103. Bachelor in Library Science, UFRGS 2006. Graduated in Theater Degree - Department of Dramatic Arts UFRGS 2019-01. Graduating in Theater Direction UFRGS 2020. Post-graduate student in Art and Education - UNIASSELVI 2020. Storyteller - UFRGS 2001. Specialist in Traditional Dance in Rio Grande do Sul, MTG 2002. Bailaor Flamenco Advanced - Cadica Danças e Ritmos 2004. Choreographer and information researcher about dance and behavior in festive situations, contributing to the verisimilitude in festive scenes of the miniseries “A Casa das Sete Mulheres”, directed by Jayme Monjardin, Rede Globo 2003. As an actor, he participated in more than 30 Theater Shows, advertising films and audio-visual. Awarded as Best Actor, Supporting Actor, Direction and Dramaturgy in important National Theater Festivals. Sings, plays guitar, ukulele and percussion. Speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish.



Henrique Gonçalves is an actor, dancer, Cultural producer and theater teacher. DRT nº 10965, BA in Theater at UFRGS - 2019/2. Owner and Fixed member of the cast of actors at Rococó Produções Artísticas e Culturais. As an actor, he participated in more than 10 cinematographic productions, highlighting “A Cloud Rosa”, a feature film by Prana Filmes, directed by Iuli Gerbase, 2019 and participation in the series “A Benção” Ausgang Films, 2019. In the professional theater he has already participated in the cast of more than 30 productions, highlighting Little Red Riding Hood directed by Camila Bauer (Best Supporting Actor in the Açorianos Award and Scene LOOK (es)). The Two Venetian Gemini Show, directed by Suzi Martinez, (Azorean Prize for Best Supporting Actor) and Once Upon a Time: Tales, Legends and Songs, directed by Guilherme Ferrêra (Receiving three Awards for Best Supporting Actor in the Tibicuera Trophy and festivals in ES and RJ). As an art educator, he highlights his experience as a theater teacher at Colégio Israelita in Porto Alegre and the work developed 8 years ago with the Theater Workshop “Expressão e Criatividade” for children and adolescents at SESC Gravataí where he was also included in the Ministry of Education Program Culture “More Culture in Schools” in the years 2014 - 2016, receiving several awards at student theater festivals. As a cultural producer he received the Tibicuera Award for Best Theater Production in 2016 for the show Era Uma Vez: Contos Lendas e Cantigas. In dance, she was nominated for Best Production in the Azorean Dance Award for the performance Baila Melancia and is part of the cast of dancers from Cadica Cia de Dança since 2009 performing in shows, shows and in important dance festivals in Brazil and around the world among them. Folklore in South Korea in 2012 and 50th Gualterian Party in Portugal in 2013.



Ricardo Vivian é graduado em Arti e Scienze dello Spettacolo pela La Sapienza – Universitá di Roma, onde também no mesmo período, paralelamente, estudou em cursos de Iluminotécnica e videomapping. Sua principal área de atuação é a iluminação cênica. É iluminador e responsável técnico da Cia/Estúdio Stravaganza, além de trabalhar com outros grupos e coletivos. Recebeu o Prêmio Açorianos de Teatro de Melhor Iluminação em 2018. Conta 21 criações de iluminação no teatro gaúcho desde 2013.



Carlota Albuquerque



Élcio Rossini

Set designer

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Sandra Dani



Laura Hickmann



Letícia Vieira



Jéferson Rachewsky



Liane Venturella


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Nelson Diniz



Daniel Lion

Costumer design

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Luana Zinn

Make-up artist


Edelweiss Ramos



Letícia Paranhos



Janaína Pelizzon


Lauro Ramalho



Hayline Vitória



Manu Goulart


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