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Frankenstein is a dance theater performance inspired by Mary Shelley's work of the same name. The GOMPA collective combines dance, theater, visual arts and an original soundtrack to reinvent the first work of science fiction in history. It tells the trajectory of a being generated from other beings as a metaphor for our Brazilian constitution. In this play, the creature is a woman who cannot and does not want to adapt to the desires of the man who created her, tracing a postcolonial perspective in the dancers' bodies.


Frankenstein proposes a reflection on our relationships of belonging, discussing in a poetic way issues linked to the condition of women in our society, as well as the violence they suffer, especially in Latin American countries. It traces relationships between the woman's body and our Amazon forest, which has been destroyed and historically subjected to the will of man. On stage, the dancers Fabiane Severo and Alexsander Vidaleti bring to life the voices of Sandra Dani and Elcio Rossini, directed by Camila Bauer, with texts written by the director alongside Pedro Bertoldi and Carina Corá. The sound design is composed by Álvaro RosaCosta. The scenery by visual artist Elcio Rossini, lighting by Ricardo Vivian and costumes by Renan Vilas make up the visual landscape of the show, which also features choreographic direction by Carlota Albuquerque.


10° Olhares da Cena



Make up                                                  

Graphic Art                                        




Composition and Sound design

Female dancer

Male dancer


Best Play


Make up

Male dancer


V Mostra Glênio Peres - Porto Alegre (RS) - 2019     



Porto Alegre (RS), Gravataí (RS)          

Foto Vilmar Carvalho (3)
Foto Vilmar Carvalho (1)
Foto Vilmar Carvalho (4)
Foto Vilmar Carvalho (2)
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Foto: Cláudio Etges
Foto: Cláudio Etges
Foto: Cláudio Etges


Direction: Camila Bauer
Cast: Fabiane Severo e Alexsander Vidaleti

Narration: Sandra Dani e Elcio Rossini

Composition and sound design: Álvaro RosaCosta

Piano: Simone Rasslan

Choreography: Fabiane Severo, Alexsander Vidaleti e Douglas Jung

Direction of mouvement: Carlota Albuquerque

Dramaturgy: Camila Bauer, Carina Corá e Pedro Bertoldi

Scenography and objects: Élcio Rossini
Light Design: Ricardo Vivian
Costumes: Renan Vilas
Graphic Design: Jéssica Barbosa
Photo: Cláudio Etges, Regina Protskof e Vilmar Carvalho

Production Director: Fabiane Severo
Production e realisation: Projeto GOMPA


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Rider de som

Rider de luz




DIEGO FERREIRA - OLHAR(ES) DA CENA: "Frankenstein is the new and daring project of Collective Gompa, which with each new work presents us with new possibilities in the field of the performing arts. It is difficult to categorize and label the productions of this collective, which for the past five years has been dedicated to language research and has taken hybridism to the limit in its productions. [...] A spectacular work that remains in our memory as those unforgettable performances due to the inventiveness of its creators. [...] The Gompa Project is once again to be congratulated not only for this work, but also for the ensemble of its works which, with each new step, takes Rio Grande do Sul productions to other levels."
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