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Photo: Vilmar Carvalho

Proceeding with the research about dramaturgical and scenic creation developed by the GOMPA Project, Enemies in a Dolls’ House is one of the five winners of the International Ibsen Scholarship 2017, an award biannually promoted in Norway in order to encourage performances inspired by Ibsen all around the world. The play is performed in Brazil since 2018 and was presented at the Ibsen Festival, in Norway (2019). 


In Enemies in a Doll’s House, Nora is a metaphor for her country (not Norway and its crystalline fjords, but Brazil and its constant leaks, not only of mud, but of inside information. From an undetermined point in the future, Nora revisits the moment when she is torn between the possibility of independence and the roots of a patriarchal tradition. Just like her country, on the razor’s edge between egalitarian progress and the backward movement of those who fear to lose their privileges. Nora is saved by at the end of the story. But what about Brazil? In such divided times, how do you know who the enemies of the people are? 


Enemies in a Dolls’ House is a play inspired by the works “A Doll’s House” and “An Enemy of the People”, by Henrik Ibsen. The texts of the Norwegian playwright serve as a starting point for the construction of the play, which emphasizes gender issues, corruption and the media omnipresence. The performance unites theater, dance, music and video, to recreate the characters impasses and their unstable splits between daily limitations and social pressures. 



Ibsen Awards - Noruega (2018)

Ponto de Teatro - Porto Alegre/RS Brazil (2018)

Açorianos de Teatro 2018


Actor - Nelson Diiniz

Supporting Actor - Álvaro RosaCosta 

Supporting Actor - Lauro Ramalho

Supporting Actress - Liane Venturella

Original Soundtrack


Producer - Projeto Gompa


Original Soundtrack

Supporting Actor

10º Prêmios Olhares da Cena


Scene photography                               

Set design


Palco Giratório Sesc Porto Alegre/RS (2018)

Caxias em Cena - Caxias do Sul/RS (2018)

Ibsen Awards/Noruega (2019)

V Mostra Glênio Peres (2019)


Foto Julio Appel
Foto Julio Appel
Foto Julio Appel
Foto Vilmar Carvalho
Foto Vilmar Carvalho
Foto Julio Appel
Foto Julio Appel
Foto Adriana Marchiori
Foto Adriana Marchiori
Foto Adriana Marchiori
Foto Adriana Marchiori



Sandra Dani

Janaina Pelizzon

Nelson Diniz

Liane Venturella

Lauro Ramalho

Álvaro RosaCosta

Fabiane Severo

Pedro Bertoldi

Director: Camila Bauer

Dramaturgy: Marco Catalão, Pedro Bertoldi e Camila Bauer, a partir das obras Uma Casa de Bonecas e O Inimigo do Povo, de Henrik Ibsen (tradução Leonardo Pinto Silva), em colaboração com o elenco.

Choreography:  Carlota Albuquerque            

Soundtrack and Sound Design:  Álvaro RosaCosta

Lightning and Video: Ricardo Vivian

Set design: Elcio Rossini

Costumes and Make-up: Liane Venturella

Draws and costume paintings: Lipe Albuquerque

Mask Creation and Manufacture: Fábio Cuelli

Social Media and Memes for the Stage:: Laura Hickmann

Press Adviser: Lauro Ramalho

Graphic Design: Jéssica Barbosa

Photography Adriana Marchiori

Realização e produção:

Co-Production and Sponsorship: 


Inimigos na Casa de Bonecas
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Enemies in a doll's house - Teater Ibsen

Enemies in a doll's house - Teater Ibsen

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Caderno 2 - Inimigos na Casa de Bonecas

Caderno 2 - Inimigos na Casa de Bonecas

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Inimigos na casa de bonecas - legendado

Inimigos na casa de bonecas - legendado

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"The entire group, which acts strongly as a collective, performs one of the best finished and affirmative works that I have seen in recent years, because it is an extremely complex and difficult line of creation, both from a dramatic and aesthetic point of view, but that is absolutely achieved in this work of just over an hour and a half in duration, but which takes the audience by the wrist and takes them throughout the narrative in order to present them with a solid, logical and dense reflection, which does not allow quibbling.” 

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"(...) The dramaturgy is guided by the procedure of revealing the contradictions, saying goodbye to linear narration and realism to invest in narratives that emphasize the discourse and tensions that we are experiencing now. (...) Regarding Camila Bauer's staging, the performance is constructed on the intersections of the different performing arts and has a strong aesthetic appeal based on performance, physicality, music, projections and lighting, as well as the costumes and masks that with their colors and textures manage to expand the fruition field. The same for the sound creation of RosaCosta, which is always effective and dialogues directly with the play. Highlighting for the strong cast that the project managed to bring together headed by Sandra Dani, Nelson Diniz, Liane Venturella, Lauro Ramalho, Janaína Pelizzon, Fabiane Severo (who with her physical presence creates subjectivities and timelessness in the work, digging spaces to manifest what words cannot handle), Alvaro RosaCosta and Pedro Bertoldi highlighting the last two that properly put on stage strong stories on current themes, but the whole cast is cohesive and manages to put on stage all the aesthetic provocation and that allows different layers of readings within a contemporary context of theatrical proposition, maintaining the coherence that the director Camila Bauer has developed over the years.

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Inimigos na Casa de Bonecas - Construção dramatúrgica a partir da obra de Henrik Ibsen e do testemunho dos atores

Author: Camila Bauer

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